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PA DOH WIC Dietetic Internship


The PA WIC Dietetic Internship provides an opportunity for PA WIC local agency employees who have met the eligibility requirements for Registered Dietitians to participate in an ACEND accredited program that engages them in core competencies through a supervised practice program.

Throughout the program, dietetic Interns develop the necessary competence in various areas and populations providing dietetic services. Professional development is attained through self-assessment and preceptor evaluation to provide self-development to improve skills and knowledge. The supervised practice program prepares Dietetic Interns for the CDR credentialing examination.

PA WIC is well represented in all 67 PA counties consisting of 218 clinics; 104 are primary sites and 114 are satellite sites. Staff throughout the PA WIC program help employees overcome financial, geographical, and personal barriers.

NOTE: The PA DOH WIC DI program may be available to non-PA WIC employees and college students if insufficient applicants have been accepted. Vacancies will be posted on this website if available. Non-WIC employees or college students must apply to DICAS and D & D Digital for the spring match.

The program is an intern identified supervised practice program; therefore preceptors/preceptor sites will be identified with the help of the DI Program Director. Please see the PA DOH WIC DI Handbook for more information.


To provide a Community Nutrition/Public Health focused Dietetic Internship Program that fosters development of entry level registered dietitians to promote healthy lifestyles and outcomes for Pennsylvania's most vulnerable citizens.

NOTE: Program outcome data are available upon request

Program Concentration:

The concentration for the 43-week DI Program is community nutrition/public health program consisting of a minimum of 1250 hours* of supervised practice:

  • 480 hours in community nutrition/public health (Part-Time)
  • 320 hours in food service management (Full-Time)
  • 440 hours in clinical nutrition (Full-Time)
  • 10 hours of Alternative Practice Hours during Orientation and Exits for Supervised Practice

*Please see DI Handbook for more information about the hours

An emphasis is placed on the skills and competencies common to community nutrition and public health. This learning experience focuses on the development and practice of problem solving and critical thinking required of an entry level Dietitian Nutritionist. This supervised practice also provides experience to accept and value social, cultural, and various economic backgrounds to better understand human behavior. Lastly, by observing and working alongside other Registered Dietitian Nutritionist role models as well as with regulatory public health care teams, interns will experience firsthand professional regulatory and ethical practice.

DI Program Handbook:

A wealth of program details can be found in the DI Handbook, including information regarding the program cost, the program mission and goals, admission and completion requirements, the program calendar, and guidance about remote education/teaching components.

ACEND Accreditation

The Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Health (DOH) Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Dietetic Internship (DI) program is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Education for Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), the accrediting agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). The PA WIC Dietetic Internship program is a remote intern identified supervised practice program that qualifies graduates to take the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR) credentialing examination to become Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. The program is approved for a maximum of twelve (12) interns each year.

Contact Information:

Dietetic Internship Director
Stephanie Bender, MS, RDN, LDN
(717) 941-9207
(717) 836-3573

Accreditation Council on Education for Nutrition and Dietetics
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190
Chicago, IL 60606-6995
(800)877-1600 Ext 5400
Fax: (312)899-4817
E-mail: ACEND@eatright.org